Four Athens GA Restaurants That Are Great Places To Chill And Eat

For the last restaurant article, I took you through the city of Atlanta, pointing out some great places to eat. This time in the great state of Georgia, we are going to head into the city of Athens. Have you ever been to Athens GA? If not, you are in for a treat. I met a couple who live there, and they love it. Let’s get to looking at some of the best restaurants that Athens has to offer.

First up in Athens is a place called Last Resort Grill. Now, I know what you are thinking, but this place has a #2 ranking on a top travel site. They can use that name and wear it proudly, sort of a reverse psychological concept, get it? As for the menu highlights, this West Clayton Street restaurant serves up cheesecake, need I say more? Reviews mention that it is a wonderful spot to grab some brunch.

Now let’s head on over to The National, which is located on West Hancock Avenue. You’re talking about pork, hummus, vegetable plates and stuffed dates according to the menu highlights. That may not sound like your average fare or anything close to it, but don’t you want to try something new? Even if you want to stay away from the stuffed dates and vegetable plates, I am sure the hummus and other menu items will be delicious. You will find something you like at this top ranked establishment, #3 to be specific.

Next up is Clocked, and it can be found on West Washington Street. There you can find delicious burgers and fries along with other great sandwiches. You never would have known with a name like Clocked, would you? I know what you mean, and that’s why I am your guide to Athens restaurants today. We have one more to visit.

The last establishment is called The Place. Do you notice a theme in Athens? We just hit the prime example of not knowing what you are in for with a place called, well, The Place. Have you ever tasted a shrimp burger? Maybe it’s like a shrimp poor boy, and you are just going to have to find out. They have plenty of other great menu items there, too. Now enjoy your time spent while you are in Athens making your way to all of those wonderful things to do, and be sure to stop in these places for some delicious food.